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What the energy chart displays

The chart displays the relative energy performance of UK central government buildings for the selected period.

The data driving this is taken from building utility meters, either half-hourly or daily.

Performance is shown per square metre or per occupant depending on which 'Analyse By' button is selected.

Units, Cost and CO2e

Select Cost or CO2e to see the cost of consumption or the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from our energy use.

Data and Transparency

The source data that drives this summary chart is available for download from the individual webpages. These can be accessed by clicking the relevant legend beneath the chart.

Data History

We have been collecting data for several years and so have quite a history — all of which is available in the chart above.

Carbon Factors and Cost

We use the Defra greenhouse gas emissions conversion factors which are published and reviewed annually. Cost is indicative but based upon recent prices paid per unit.

Fuel kgCO2e per unit
Electricity (kWh) 0.537
Natural Gas (kWh) 0.184
Water (m3) 0.340
Heat (kWh) 0.267