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Fuel Price Per Unit () kgCO2e/kWh
Electricity (kWh) 0.06 0.537
Gas (kWh) 0.04 0.184
Water (m3) 1.41 0.340

What you see is what we're using

We gather data every 30 minutes from our main utility meters at 2 Marsham Street and daily for nine other buildings. This allows you to see how much electricity, gas and water we are using today, yesterday, this week, this month, this quarter and this year.

Units, Cost and CO2e

If you select cost or CO2e you can see the cost of consumption or the carbon dioxide emissions associated with our energy use.

Data Capture

Data Capture commenced on 9th June 2010 at 2 Marsham Street with six other buildings going online on the 31st August 2011 and further buildings going online from the 1st February 2012.


Data and Transparency 

Visit the public data page to access and download the data collected on half hourly basis. This data is organized by month and year available in CSV file format. CSV is an open standard that can be opened by many applications.

The historic utility data for the Home Office headquarters is also available to download.

Carbon Factors & Cost

We have used the Defra Greenhouse gas emissions conversion factors which are publised and reviewed annually.

We use an illustrative price per unit, based on last year's prices.