What you see is what we're using

We gather data every 30 minutes from our Main Electricity & Gas meters so you are able to see how much energy we have used so far today, this week, this month, this quarter and this year.

We have installed a number of Electricity Sub meters to provide us with more detailed information.

Units, Cost and CO2e

If you select cost or CO2e you can see the cost of consumption or the carbon dioxide emissions associated with our energy use


Remember to turn off your computer and its screen when you have finished using it.

Remember to turn off your printer when you have finished using it.

Always turn lights off when you leave the room.

Our Commitment

Ludgrove Preparatory School is committed to managing the significant effects that it has on the environment, in relation to our energy consumption and waste generation.

Ludgrove Preparatory School aims to lower our energy usage where possible, reduce waste production and reuse or recycle waste that is unavoidably produced in order to improve its environmental performance.