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Fuel Price Per Unit () kgCO2e/kWh
Electricity (kWh) Day (0.0826) & Night (0.0503) 0.545
Gas (kWh) 0.021 0.184

Our Energy Consumption

We gather data every 24 hours from our main utility meters so you are able to see how much energy we have used so far this week, this month, this quarter and this year.

Heating at the Newport Headquarters is provided by a Biomass system comprising of 2 x 1MW Endress Biomass boilers, currently burning wood pellet, and supplemented with a solar thermal system to pre heat domestic hot water

Units, Cost and CO2e

If you select Cost or CO2e you can see the cost of consumption or the carbon dioxide emissions associated with our energy use. .


Data and Transparency 

To download the raw data (in CSV format) used to produce the chart shown opposite (updated daily) click here.

This data is organised by year, month and individual day. The data is available in CSV file format; CSV is an open standard format that can be opened by many applications.

Carbon Factors & Cost

We have used the Defra Greenhouse gas emissions conversion factors which are publised and reviewed annually.

We use an illustrative price per unit, based on last year's prices.