The Department for Transport publishes, in real-time, the energy used in its headquarters building.

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Fuel Price Per Unit (£) kgCO2e/kWh
Electricity (kWh) £0.07(Day) & £0.04(Night) 0.541
Gas (kWh) £0.015 0.184

What you see is what we're using

Usage data is continuously captured from the building's main utility meters so you can see how much energy is being used today, this week, this month, this quarter and this year (since 16 July 2010).

Units, cost and CO2e

Select cost to see the cost of consumption or select CO2e to see the carbon dioxide emissions associated with our energy use.

Data and transparency

Raw energy consumption data for the headquarters building is compiled once every 24 hours and is provided in a format that can be reused.

Cost rates

The costs are calculated using the following rates:
  • Electricity: Day Rate 7.0 pence per kWh, Night Rate 4.0 pence per kWh
  • Natural gas: 1.5 pence per kWh

Carbon factors

Conversion factors are based on Defra's 2009 guidance (PDF - 1219 KB)
  • Electricity: 0.541 kgCO2 per kWh
  • Natural gas: 0.184 kgCO2 per kWh